Spring! A Time for a New Beginning

It's been six months..

since Jack and I waved goodbye to the massive moving truck and packed up two little kitties for our trek to our new home in Colorado. Sounds fun, right? But, in the end, it turned out to be more difficult than I thought. 

Suárez Stands Alone

I spent 20-years in Canada. Ten working in broadcast journalism finishing in Toronto. From there, I made a relatively easy transition to wine. Duh!  Since then, I worked as a winemaker with two brothers for the last ten years.  The story is a good one. We made delicious wine together; they helped me create my virtual brand, built a fantastic winery, and created long-lasting friendships among our families.  

So, when I told them I had to move on - on my own - it was a very sad day indeed. But, knowing them and what it means to them to be faithful to your work and your craft, I knew they completely understood. Today is six months since I left Canada. We're in Colorado in the middle of an exciting Market build. And, yes. Suárez does stand alone in more ways than one... ready to show what she learned from her time in Canada. 

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